Border Country

South Lebanon, 2005: A local man on the Lebanese-Israeli border…  I don’t know if he was Hezbollah, Amal or just a tourist like me… He was friendly, but reserved- cool enough to let me take his photo though…. It was nice and peaceful here at the time, but within a few months all hell was […]

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Lebanese/Israeli border, South L,ebanon, 2005: A shredded but defiant Hezbollah flag flutters in the face of an Israeli border post.  It was around this border region a few months later where the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese war kicked off… Canon EOS D30/Canon 28-135is

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UN United

UN Base, South Lebanon, November 2005: This UN base on the South Lebanese border sat squarely between an Israeli border post on one side, and a Hezbollah bunker on the other. The UN in-residence at the time was the Indian Assam Regiment One Five (8-33)–  they were busy playing basketball  at the time… The next […]

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