Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998:  A row of telephone boxes on Edinburgh’s “Royal Mile”.  The man in the fore-ground wasn’t that happy to be in the frame though…   Mamiya ZE/50mm f1.7

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Paris, April 1998:  A shot from my first visit to Paris.  I think it’s from Pere Lachaise Cemetery….  Mamiya ZE/Sekor 50mm f1.7  

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Clapham Junction, London, 1997:  I’d recently purchased my first SLR camera, a Mamiya ZE with Sekor-E 50mm f1.7 lens (for about 40 quid). I was living/working in this old pub in South London and an avid reader of Fortean Times magazine. Having seen many faked UFO photos and curious as  to how they were created, […]

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Firth of Forth

Firth of Forth, Scotland, 1997:  The iconic Forth Bridge links Edinburgh- over the waters of the Forth of Firth–  with Fife to the North…  Mamiya ZE/50mm 1.7/Fuji Superia

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Tangier, Morocco, 1998: After running the gauntlet of taxi-drivers, touts and scam artists at the port- I eventually found the hotel where William S. Burroughs wrote “Naked Lunch”. Tangiers wasn’t exactly a tourist destination at the time, it was still living up to it’s time honored debauched reputation.  No issue getting a room at the […]

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South West France, 1998: Drive by shooting at the extreme- on the TGV high-speed train…  somewhere between Tours and Bordeaux these Nuclear power-plant cooling towers came into view- albeit very briefly… A TGV train made a world record in 2007 by reaching the speed of…  574.8 kmph/357.2 mph… France is the world leader in domestic […]

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Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain 1998: A busker plays a traditional Galician harp in the old town of Santiago de Compostela. North-western Spain has a strong Celtic history and vibrant music scene where harps, flutes and bagpipes are commonly played.   Mamiya ZE/50mm 1.7

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BF Murals

Belfast, Ireland, 1999: Organised a ‘black-taxi’ tour of Belfast… When the taxi eventually arrived- rather than being a black London taxi- it was a coca-cola coloured one…  Drove around mostly West Belfast, including the Falls Road, Bombay St, Sandy row, Anderstown cemetary etc… The (about to be implemented) Good Friday agreement didn’t reduce my unease- […]

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Casa Mila

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, 1998: Double-exposured Gaudi’ “Casa Mila” on debut visit to Barcelona in 1998… had a mad few days…    Mamiya ZE/50 1.7

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