Clapham Junction, London, 1997:  I’d recently purchased my first SLR camera, a Mamiya ZE with Sekor-E 50mm f1.7 lens (for about 40 quid). I was living/working in this old pub in South London and an avid reader of Fortean Times magazine. Having seen many faked UFO photos and curious as  to how they were created, I thought why not have a go at it myself…  Mamiya ZE/50 1.7

4 thoughts on “UFO

  1. Ha,ha…. i like your idea. Its amazing how the creatve imagination kicks in when your travelling on a next to nothing budget and plenty of time on your hands. Ive found myself in such a situation and my ‘thang’ was to write my name in jam so the ants would eat it and i video’d it. what was the ufo made from?

    1. Lol… yeah I had a bit of time to kill and was seeing if I could emulate faked UFO photos using shallow depth of field. As far as the UFO goes, it was a “fake” UFO cut out of a magazine and simply pasted on to the window. Would really like to see some of your images 😉

  2. Man, i would never have guessed that the image was just stuck on the window. It did seem too sharp compared to the back drop on 1 and 3 to be real but what really threw me was that the ufo is lit from below (seems to be)

    🙂 bugger….. me and my images:
    With reference to a remark made about Leonardo davinci’s work (im not saying im in his league or anything).

    “He was too busy trying new things to see anything through to fruition”.

    My ‘in tray’ climbs and my ‘out tray’ lays empty.

    Ive given HDR another go recently though, i will probably bring it in for a few test prints to see how it translates to paper and to get your opinion/scrutiny…

    1. Cheers man! At least Da Vinci got around to doing his self-portrait, The Mona Lisa… I think you’d enjoy the challenge of shooting a bit of film- go on…

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