Bruxelles bar

Brussels, Belgium, 2004: Caught this local man relaxing at the end of the day with a drink and the paper. The Olympus XA2 (or XA) is a great camera for discreet shots. Small, low profile, exellent lens and superb metering…  Olympus XA2/Kodak Tri X

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Dublin double-exposed

Dublin/Athens, Aug/Oct, 2005: In August 2005 I went to the semi-final of the All-Ireland hurling championship at Croke Park, Dublin. Against the odds,  Galway claimed an upset win over firm favorites Kilkenny. At the time I took a few photos on my trusty Olympus XA2, loaded with Fuji Sensia slide film. I must have rewound […]

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Dublin, 2004. Got this random vignette on the XA after a long Dublin night and longer walk home …    Olympus XA2/Kodak Tri-X

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Palermo notte

Palermo, Sicily, 2004: Even though the bad old days of Palermo had passed, it was still a pretty tense place in 2004.  Struggled to find a place for a drink but eventually found what seemed to be the only sign of life in Palermo at night.  Grabbed this shot with an Olympus XA2 set on […]

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Vukovar, Croatia, 2002: Vukovar was utterly destroyed after a three month seige against the mostly Croat defenders by the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Army (JNA) in November 1991. Some estimates are that Serb gunners fired a million shells into Vukovar destroying 15,000 buildings. It was the first European city since WWII entirely leveled to the ground, it […]

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