Wellington, NZ, lastnight:  Fort Buckley was one of five forts constructed in 1885 around Port Nicholson (Wellington Harbour) to protect the capital from the threat of the expanding Russian Empire. Wellington had no defences at all, yet had the national gold reserve in the vaults of the Bank Of New Zealand. Check out Darkhalide for […]

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The Alley

Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: Experimenting with wireless flash, umbrella, torch & long exposures in “the alley”. Simon Burrow came up with the idea and asked me to tag along… It was a two person job- someone to trigger the camera’s, someone to pop the flash, someone to paint the walls with a torch, and both […]

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Wellington, NZ, 2011: A bit of light painting the other night up at Wrights Hill with Darkhalide.  It was a bit hit and miss, but a fantastic windless night to view Wellington from above. Canon EOS 30D/18-55is

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