Hospitalized – part 3

Hawera, Taranaki, NZ, Dec 2011:  More images documenting the last days of the doomed Hawera Hospital. These were from my third visit to the derelict and semi-demolished former Hospital. Part 1 is here –  part 2 here…  Within a month it would be gone, without a trace…

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Dublin, Ireland, 2004:  At an Anti-Bush rally in Dublin, anger and frustration was very evident across a broad section of Irish society, with Bush’s upcoming visit and the EU-US summit at Dromoland Castle. A lot of criticism was directed at the Irish government for allowing the US access to Shannon airport for the refueling of […]

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Pungarehu, Taranaki, NZ, Dec 2011: Pungarehu primary school was closed in 2003. Many New Zealand schools (particularly small rural schools) were closed around this time due to a “review” by the Ministry of Education…  

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Hospitalized – part 2

Hawera, Taranaki, November 2011:  These pictures are from the second foray into the derelict Hawera Hospital…  Most of the interior shots were taken inside the reception area in the main building.  Click here for part 1…    Canon EOS 30D/18-55is  

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Heretaunga, Wellington, NZ, January 2012:  The former Central Institute of Technology campus is now virtually abandoned, it’s buildings in a state of decline… CIT amalgamated with Hutt Polytechnic in 2001 to become WelTec. The campus had beds for at least 500, the rooms looked like they were just vacated… I’m unsure of it’s current status, […]

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Dublin, Ireland, 2004: Smithfield horse market is held on the first sunday of every month. At approximately 400 years old, it is one of the longest (and most controversial) horse fairs in the world… The Smithfield area was given a facelift in the late 1990’s to accomodate the denizens of Ireland’s new found economic wealth. […]

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