Heretaunga, Wellington, NZ, January 2012:  The former Central Institute of Technology campus is now virtually abandoned, it’s buildings in a state of decline…

CIT amalgamated with Hutt Polytechnic in 2001 to become WelTec.

The campus had beds for at least 500, the rooms looked like they were just vacated…

I’m unsure of it’s current status, but it was used by an Australian University for some time.

It looked like it was just evacuated yesterday, rather than 10 years ago…

Walking around the grounds was a trip down memory lane for me…

The Defence Department seemed to have a presence here- convenient with their HQ nearby…

The administration office after it’s last occupants had left…

The Architecture makes me think of a Soviet Cold War era Institution…

The central building- the tiered lecture block- was designed by Chris Brooke-White.

It was contructed in the early 1970s in typical Brutalist Architecture form.

The “steps of learning”- hmmm…

I spent most of a year studying here in 1990…

I know why I left…   Canon EOS 30D/18-55is

6 thoughts on “Institute

  1. I think it’s now occupied by the army, they seem to be using the old dormitories as barracks. Not sure what the status of the main buildings is.

    1. Yeah the Army are using a few of the buildings (mostly just for accomodation) for the new “Boot Camp” scheme. In fact I saw them on TV the other night- so probably not a good time right now to visit 😉

      1. Well they didn’t seem to mind us looking around, although I am sure that it would have been a different story had we tried to get inside.

  2. Chris Brooke-White was my father. I’ve been out to CIT many times, including as a boy while Dad oversaw the building of it, but it’s cool to see it through someone else’s eyes. Great photos, thanks. Cheers, Oli Brooke-White

  3. The house I grew up in was about 200m from the CIT. MY friends and I used to roam around the campus in the evenings and at weekends. The forms of the main block seemed so alien and other-worldly, completely out-of-step with the suburban idyll that it was positioned next to.

    I now live in the former Eastern Bloc, in a city of a similar population to Wellington with no fewer than five tertiary education institutions, but none of them have any buildings that can match the sheer spectacular beauty of the CIT.

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