South By Southwest

Wellington, New Zealand, March 2015:  Wellington’s wild Southwest coast by Landrover:  Ohiro Bay to Redrocks, through Devil’s Gate and onto Tongue Point and the leaning Karori Rock lighthouse… then back again…


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Wellington, New Zealand, January 2015:  There was a “Birdman” competition on hosted by commercial radio station ZMFM- but the action at the nearby Taranaki Wharf jumping ramp was way more fun… From Those “down with the kids” have been on and around this great piece of urban design all summer long. At this key […]

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Beirut, Lebanon, Nov 2005: A video capturing some scenes from Beirut back in 2005. Beginning from entering the city from the north [Tripoli], to where I was staying near the former “Green Line“-  the start point for the 2005 Beirut Marathon. The Green Line was a demarcation through central Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War [1975-1990]. It separated the mainly Muslim factions in West Beirut from the predominantly Christian controlled East Beirut. The appellation refers to the former coloration of the foliage that grew along the boulevard.

The hallmarks of such a long and brutal conflict were still evident 15 years after the conclusion to this most bitter of wars. Along with the many cranes and signs of reconstruction, there were still plenty of battle scarred buildings standing, such as the infamous Holiday Inn- a favored snipers nest during [and after] the Battle of the Hotels. The film concludes at the Corniche, looking west into the Mediterranean Sea.




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Sky Point

Wellington, NZ, Feb 2015: Clear skies and a beautiful summer’s evening last week, got me out shooting the heavens until late. This particular night a meteor blasted through the atmosphere over New Zealand and was seen widely across the North Island. I saw the “flash” as it exploded- but was unfortunately facing/shooting in the opposite direction. I did […]

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Damascus, Syria, Nov 2005:  Damascene refers to someone from Damascus- (alternatively it could be read as ‘Damascus Scenes’)- hence the title of this video. I was fortunate enough to visit Damascus in a relative time of peace- but in a matter of years the country would be torn apart, into a war  that does not seem to have an end…

In addition to being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Damascus is/was a major cultural and religious center of the Levant. Filmed somewhat clandestinely in the Umayyad Mosque- one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world (considered by some Muslims to be the fourth-holiest place in Islam)- and the Al-Hamidiyah Souq- the soundtrack is mixed with the original audio, capturing the Mullah’s call etc….


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The Lost City: part II

Olympos, Turkey, Friday Oct 28th 2005:  Two years after first visiting Olympos (in South-West Turkey) I returned. I was part way through an Athens to Cairo overland trip that would take me to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and eventually Egypt. As it turned out I stayed a lot longer than planned… I ran into “Smiley”soon after […]

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Bridge to Nowhere

New Zealand, October 2013:  This historic abandoned suspension bridge is still hanging together a century after its construction. During most of it’s use (1918-1969) it was toll bridge for this busy agricultural area and the longest suspension bridge in the country-  measuring 477 feet (154.39m) between the two concrete towers. Today it still stands defiantly as a reminder of times past, when it was a bridge to somewhere.

bridge1 bridge3 bridge5 bridge6

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