“Quarantined”- an appropriately themed video in these strange days we are living in. Filmed and edited in early 2014- it was shot on location on nearby Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour- which was used as a quarantine facility for well over a century.

“Its use as a quarantine facility began with the arrival of The England in 1872, carrying several passengers with smallpox. Passengers and crew were quartered in makeshift accommodation. On other occasions, new arrivals would spend ten minutes in a smokehouse of chlorine, potassium nitrate and sulphur fumes for de-lousing.”

“A lighthouse was built at the island’s southwestern end in 1866, the first harbour light in New Zealand. The lighthouse that stands in place of the original today was constructed in 1900 and later automated. At various times throughout the 20th century it hosted enemy alien internees during wartime, and quarantine facilities for both human immigrants and (up to 1995[1]) animals.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matiu_/…

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