Sleeping Bus

Sleeping (or Sleeper) buses are a popular and inexpensive long haul overnight transport option while travelling in Vietnam, for visitors and locals alike. Contrary to many others people- I found them comfortable, efficient, clean and reliable. One caveat- they drive really slow in Vietnam so don’t expect to get anywhere fast, unless your on a motorbike.

This video is a composite of three journeys riding the sleeping buses- from Nga Trang north to Hanoi. The general etiquette for sleeping buses is you take your footwear off directly upon boarding. You are given a plastic bag to put your footwear in which you stow under the seat, if available. Seats are generally not reserved- I usually grabbed a lower level berth window side near the front and away from the toilet at the rear. I recommend getting off at every stop no matter where, to stretch the legs, meet and drink beer & home made spirits with friendly locals even if it is 2 or 3 am in the morning. Kick back and sleep if you can. I was too excited and could sleep- shooting lots of video- and hence this video…

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