Border Country

Poipet, Cambodia, 2001:  Crossing from Thailand into Cambodia was via an invisible line where the towns of Aranyaprathet (Thai) and Poipet (Cambodian) straddled the border.  There was a visa scam at Cambodian passport control regarding whether you had particular vaccinations (yellow fever)-  like it mattered…

I managed to get through without paying a bribe by doing the dumb tourist trick, plus it helped I’d purchased a visa before leaving Bangkok. Although the border between the two countries wasn’t noticable, the derelict nature of the Cambodian side made it obviously apparent you were in a different land…

We cleared the scrum of moto drivers and a girl selling sun hats and got a place on the back of a pickup truck for the dusty trip to Sisophon.. From there we eventually got a ride on the back of a 4wd… That ended up being a 6-8 hour hell ride along the remains of the bombed out road (sic) to Siem Reap…

We negotiated bribes for non existing bridges, avoided roadside land-mines, and struggled to deal with the pain of your pelvis coming through your backside …Canon EOS 100/28-105/Kodak Tri-x

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