UFO over London

London, England, 1997:  I photographed this UFO low over the skies in South London back 1997. It was moving pretty fast and I’m not sure if there were any other confirmed sightings at the time or not. I didn’t really believe what I’d seen either, untill I got the film and photos processed…  Mamiya ZE/50mm […]

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Clapham Junction, London, 1997:  I’d recently purchased my first SLR camera, a Mamiya ZE with Sekor-E 50mm f1.7 lens (for about 40 quid). I was living/working in this old pub in South London and an avid reader of Fortean Times magazine. Having seen many faked UFO photos and curious as  to how they were created, […]

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Buckingham Palace, London, 1997:  Just scanned this old neg today, a time-capsule (if you like) from 15 years ago…  I was passing Buckingham Palace on my usual route into town from Victoria Station when I came across this crowd… Then there was an RAF fly-over… click-  it must be the Queens birthday….  In hindsight those […]

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Firth of Forth

Firth of Forth, Scotland, 1997:  The iconic Forth Bridge links Edinburgh- over the waters of the Forth of Firth–  with Fife to the North…  Mamiya ZE/50mm 1.7/Fuji Superia

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