Kingdom Come again…

Wellington, New Zealand, 2010:  More images from the doomed (and now axed) set of the epic Jesus film “Kingdom Come“.  Although the plot for the proposed film sounded dubious at best, the set was incredible and really took you back to circa AD Jerusalem, minus of course the grafitti…     Ricoh XR-P/Rikenon 50mm f1.7/Fuji Superior 100


8 thoughts on “Kingdom Come again…

  1. I wouldnt be too sure. Some of the dero/abondand places i have visited a year or so ago, are now boarded up and guarded. Bugger, cant go back to reattempt the almost got’ ers.

  2. Flying back to wellington i noticed something else in its place, probably a new film set? Would be cool to check out if so.

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