The former Fever/Chest Hospital, Wellington, October 2011:  The Fever Hospital was built by the Wellington Hospital Board in 1919 for the treatment of infectious diseases. In the 1940’s tuberculosis broke out so the hospital primarily focused it’s treatment on TB patients. I found out in discussions with my father,that my great Aunt Patricia spent some time there…  As a nurse she had contracted TB herself and actually had it on two seperate occasions…  Canon EoS 30D/18-55is/24-70 f2.8 L/24-105 f/4 IS


6 thoughts on “Quarantine

  1. What great photos. And so evocative. The first ones with the muted colors set a certain stage, and then the shock of the colored photo, which brings me back to a more modern day. Love the empty chairs in the photos. And the last photo with the man. Just a wonderful set of photos here. Thanks so much for sharing.

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