Institute du Infrared

CIT, Heretaunga, Upper Hutt, Wellington NZ, Jan 2012:  More images of the virtually abandoned former Central Institute of Technology campus. These images were created using a classic Olympus OM1 (with 28mm f/3.5); using infrared sensitive Ilford SFX 200 film and a red filter. Although not a true infrared film, SFX 200 creates similar results, rendering skies almost black and foliage white. It has real film grain too, something software just cannot emulate…

3 thoughts on “Institute du Infrared

  1. i really want to give this film a go, but i saw a roll the other day priced at $20, might have to try ebay..
    also, what red filter did you use? i have heard of people using just Hoya 25A red filter, not the proper IR filters, and getting good results.

    1. SFX 200 is definately more expensive than traditional B&W films. Cost here in NZ is approx $23 per roll. I just used a Jessops R3 filter. I don’t think it matters what red filter you use, so long as it’s fairly dark. I over-exposed by approx 2-3 stops, and as I had no meter on the OM1 it was all guess work- but thats half the fun.

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