Petone, Wellington, NZ, Feb 2012:  Revisited the abandoned hire place that Simon Burrow and I ventured into last week. I’m unsure of the history of this place, but it seems to have been some sort of ex-hire tool place, going by the signs on the wall…  Canon EOS 30D/Sigma 24-70 f/2.8



3 thoughts on “Hire

    1. Cheers for the warning Blob- how did you know that? Probably the way I know 😉 Returned again recently and upon opening the door noticed a bike and some clothing, so retreated. A couple of weeks ago went back again and it definately was occupied. Glad I got in there when I did…

      1. Yeah well we got there and got just into that first little lobby area, the smell was pretty bad and in the first room on the right there was a little hobo set up with his meths and coke etc… Luckily for us the occupant wasn’t around so we snapped a few quick pictures on the inside and left before he came back.

        I’ve left the photos of the dudes “house” out of the set I uploaded, just because I think it’s an invasion of his privacy, even if he is squatting in an abandoned building.

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