Palmer Heads

Wellington NZ, August 2012: A couple of nights ago we explored a former WWII post in Wellington.

We got up atop the highest remaining structure (the Radar station) and set-up our camera’s. Note the plural, as we all had at least three camera’s (each) on hand…

The plan was to shoot some time-lapse sequences of planes landing and taking off from the airport below.

We’d only just set-up when we were joined by a couple on their second date. They had packed a picnic complete with lots of food and even mulled cider.

I hope we didn’t ruin the atmosphere…


4 thoughts on “Palmer Heads

  1. These shots are beauts, something for me to aspire to! Urbex in NZ… I used to live in NZ but wasn’t into urbex then – I look forward to seeing more, thanks for sharing.

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