The Chem-Suit Kid

Today, Wellington, NZ. It’s not everyday you see someone walking along the street wearing a full NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) suit– but today was one of those days. We turned the car around and followed the shuffling figure, thinking they must have just been let out for the day. I got out of the car and approached him, gesturing with my camera and asking if I could take some photos. He said in a muffled voice “okay”, so I started taking pictures and asking him what he was doing. He was from the local high school and must have been about 16 or 17. They had some sort of costume afternoon. He must have been some sort of military buff and had decided to take the full chem-suit to school, and then walk home in it. He explained (without taking the mask off) that he had purchased the suit/mask etc in Russia and that his family was from there and Ukraine (Odessa). Then he waddled off up the hill towards home…

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