Canton House

Dublin, Ireland, late 2001-early 2002: While recently scanning some old negatives I came across these images. They’re of a Chinese takeaway that was directly across from a flat I lived in shortly after moving to Dublin. The area- Summerhill – was at the time not exactly the nicest part of the city. A week after moving in I was awoken during the night to frantic bangs on the front door. The flat two doors down (terrace flats) was on fire. It was gutted and local rumor had it was an insurance job that happened to coincide with bonfire night/Guy Fawkes (November 5th). Just prior to moving in a man was shot and killed at the pub down the road. I didn’t stay at this address long. However, while I resided there, every now and then I would take photos of what was going on in the takeaways across the road. These are a series from one of those nights. I don’t think I ever set foot in the takeaway myself…

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