Church : Time

Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia, October 2015: This former French colonial era church (circa 1920) has been abandoned since the Khmer Rouge took over the country in 1975 and began their systematic slaughter. During the Vietnamese invasion of the late 1970’s it was used as a base (like the nearby Bokor Casino) by both sides in the fight to get the upper hand of this strategic location. In recent years the church has been used again on a number of occasions by the small local christian community for gatherings and weddings.

2 thoughts on “Church : Time

  1. Enjoyed your video. I visited Bokor this time last year and they’ve spiffed up the church a bit. It had a bunch of eerie, smashed Jesus faces on the altar when I visited. The whole park was so surreal and drenched in this strange history… no other visitors there. Even in the enormous hotel. Thank you for posting this.

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