UFO over London

London, England, 1997:  I photographed this UFO low over the skies in South London back 1997. It was moving pretty fast and I’m not sure if there were any other confirmed sightings at the time or not. I didn’t really believe what I’d seen either, untill I got the film and photos processed…  Mamiya ZE/50mm f/1.7

One thought on “UFO over London

  1. Just in case there was a misunderstanding here- this was my attempt at an April Fools Day joke…. I don’t believe in UFO’s 😉 I was experimenting with my first real camera and wondered how easy (or hard) it might be to fake some UFO photos. By cutting out images of a UFO from a magazine, sticking them to a window, and defocusing on the UFO cutout- I made a fake. No photoshop yet of course… Here is the original post: https://ferguscunningham.com/2011/05/27/ufo-over-london/

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