Hand Of

Karori, Wellington, NZ;  Karori Cemetary circa 2008/9.  Fuji Velvia cross processed. The hand of Jesus is missing on a statue in Karori cemetary.  I was there at the behest of Darkhalide. For some unconnected and unknown reason, I really got the spooks that night … Canon EOS 1N/75-300/Fuji Velvia 50 Xprocess  

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Petone, NZ, 2009: Before the Holga, and even the Diana, was the “Isoly”… The Agfa Isoly was an inexpensive and simple plastic camera made by Agfa in the 1960’s. Shooting 12 frames (4″/4″)on 120 film, it’s plastic lens produces dreamy, pastoral, & slightly out of focus images. It is generally agreed that the Hong Kong […]

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The Alley

Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: Experimenting with wireless flash, umbrella, torch & long exposures in “the alley”. Simon Burrow came up with the idea and asked me to tag along… It was a two person job- someone to trigger the camera’s, someone to pop the flash, someone to paint the walls with a torch, and both […]

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1 Year

New Zealand, 2009:  Have reached a small milestone here, this blog has now been going for just over 1 year…  As of today/now, I’ve made 177 posts including almost 300 images;  created 57 categories with 395 tags; and had 7,822 hits with 74 comments.  Thanks for visiting and please don’t forget to vote on my […]

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Wellington, NZ, 2009: A faux-French building in Wellington….it could’ve almost been in Paris… not… Olympus XA/Ilford Delta 400

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Stairway to WSKY

Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: At an abandoned ex MOD (WWII) gun defence emplacement. We were’nt supposed to be there, a wild southerly wind was blowing; our nerves gave up soon after and we bailed …                  Canon EOS 30D/Canon 17-40 f4 L

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: The Point Halswell Lighthouse on the Miramar peninsular…    Canon EOS 30D / Canon 17-40 f4 L

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: A grafitti laden bunker at an un-disclosed WWII era M.O.D site in Wellington. Interior lit up via torch by Dark Halide. We both started getting the jitters soon after and bailed…   Canon EOS 30D/17-40 f4 L  

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Auckland, December, 2010: Japanese Post-Rock masters Mono rocked the Bacco Room in Auckland with their first ever New Zealand concert… Superb, intense and very loud show…          Check out this link for some videos I shot of the gig…  Sony Cybershot T300

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