Wellington, NZ, October 2010: Another image submitted for Canon EOS Photo 5 competition. Inspired by Sound:  Brief 5 This brief is about your creative interpretation of a sound. The task is to listen to the sound bite at the link below, and create a photo inspired by it – using any technique you want.  ‘Inspired […]

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Results in Seconds

Wellington, NZ, October 2010. Another image from the Canon EOS Photo 5 competition …. Eye Dropper:    Brief 1 This brief is asking you to use your lens to look closer. Use the eye dropper to place drops of liquid in any arrangement you want. You can use a single drop, or as many drops as […]

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Silver Bullet

Wellington, October 2010: This is the photo I have entered into brief 3 of the Canon EOS Photo 5 competition.  Image was made with a combination of my old toy cap-gun, backlight flash, incense, a fake bullet hanging from the ceiling, photoshop and a helluva lot of time and patience… Black and White:   Brief 3 […]

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Drive-By Shooting (in colour)

Wellington, New Zealand, 8th October 2010: More drive-by shooting action, but in colour… Could be more DBS coming up soon as its an easy, if lazy way of getting some potentially great street shots. I came upon the (probably not wholly original) idea a while ago, but have not really put it much into practice, […]

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Drive-By Shooting (mono)

Wellington, New Zealand, 8th October 2010: Did a bit of drive-by shooting last Friday-  with my camera as the gun…   Simon from Dark Halide was at the wheel as we sped through town…  It’s handy if you have a hi-speed/burst mode on your camera (like the 30D’s 6fps) but not essential…   What would […]

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Kingdom Gone

Wellington, NZ, Oct 7th, 2010: More images from the doomed site of the proposed bibilic epic about Jesus’ early years- “Kingdom Come”.   Although the set was out-of-bounds and supposedly monitored by a security firm, we were obviously far from the first non-official visitors. There was a lot damage to the polystyrene walls and pillars- not […]

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On the set of “Kingdom Come”

Wellington, NZ, 7th Oct 2010: Canon EOS 30D/Pentacon 50mm 1.8/ Photoshop CS3 panoramic stitch of 10 images: In 2008 media releases about a proposed film about Jesus’ early years started to filter out. Work later started in Wellington on a set for old Jerusalem, whilst locations for other parts of ancient Israel were being built […]

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Vampire Grove

Vampire Gr, No Exit, New Zealand, 2010: Yeah,  there really is a street called “Vampire Grove”  in NZ… Thankfully its probably named after the Vampire aircraft that used to based at the nearby Air-force Aerodrome      Canon EOS 30D/Pentacon Auto 50 1.8

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Pencarrow, Wellington, today: I managed to get close enough to get a few shots of these birds today. The introduced California Quail is found widely throughout New Zealand, mostly in coastal areas. These highly sociable birds gather and travel in groups known as “coveys”.  Purchased this Panagor 200mm lens (m42 screw mount) for $25 NZD,  […]

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