Silver Bullet

Wellington, October 2010: This is the photo I have entered into brief 3 of the Canon EOS Photo 5 competition.  Image was made with a combination of my old toy cap-gun, backlight flash, incense, a fake bullet hanging from the ceiling, photoshop and a helluva lot of time and patience…

Black and White:   Brief 3

This is a moody brief. Use smoke from the incense to create ambience and atmosphere in a black and white photo. It’s not just about shooting smoke, but capturing the essence of black and white photography in a dramatic way.

A bullet is captured in motion after being fired from an old Western era revolver. We often hear the term “smoking-gun”, but I wanted to take it a step further and include the bullet… In using back-lighting and contrast I have endevoured to create a sense of menace and anticipation…    Canon EOS 30D/Pentacon 50mm 1.8/Quantaray 1000w flash

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