Wellington, NZ, October 2010: Another image submitted for Canon EOS Photo 5 competition.

Inspired by Sound:  Brief 5

This brief is about your creative interpretation of a sound. The task is to listen to the sound bite at the link below, and create a photo inspired by it – using any technique you want.  ‘Inspired by Sound’ is this year’s open brief. That means it’s available to anyone, not just those who received a box.   This is the sound

The sound bite got me thinking of falling objects, gravity fields, and the potential catastrophic impact caused by objects entering Earth’s atmosphere… After much experimentation I settled on the technique of placing my camera on the centre of my record turntable, set play to 45rpm, aperture to f16, shutter to 30 seconds… and using a combination of led light and many takes, resulted in this image…   Canon EOS 30D/Pentacon 50 f1.8


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