Wellington, NZ, February 2013:  Experimenting with light painting at an abandoned hillside gun emplacement- with the usual suspect, Dark Halide … We were shooting both digital and film-  the later more successful…   FujiFilm 645wi/Kodak Portra 400

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Petone, Wellington NZ, 2008:  A couple of long exposures shot at the Petone foreshore back in 2008… Canon EOS 30D/17-40 f4 L

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Fort Ballance, Wellington NZ, August 2012:  A long exposure/merged image from a few nights ago. The light streak is from a small plane- light pollution and digital noise make up the rest. Film is so much better for shooting long exposures at night. Digital sensors “heat up” and create hot and burnt out pixels…

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Wellington, NZ, lastnight:  Fort Buckley was one of five forts constructed in 1885 around Port Nicholson (Wellington Harbour) to protect the capital from the threat of the expanding Russian Empire. Wellington had no defences at all, yet had the national gold reserve in the vaults of the Bank Of New Zealand. Check out Darkhalide for […]

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Crime Scene

Dublin, Ireland, 2002:   A chalk outline marks out a crime scene along-side the river Liffey. Someone’s idea of a joke, or the real deal..?  Canon EOS 100/28-105

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The Alley

Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: Experimenting with wireless flash, umbrella, torch & long exposures in “the alley”. Simon Burrow came up with the idea and asked me to tag along… It was a two person job- someone to trigger the camera’s, someone to pop the flash, someone to paint the walls with a torch, and both […]

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Wahi beach, Hawera, Taranaki, NZ, 2011: Shot this over the weekend at one of the beaches near my home town of Hawera.  Wahi beach isn’t a great beach for swimming because of all the rocks, but the rocks are fantastic…  Canon EOS 30D/18-55is 

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