Crime Scene

Dublin, Ireland, 2002:   A chalk outline marks out a crime scene along-side the river Liffey. Someone’s idea of a joke, or the real deal..?  Canon EOS 100/28-105

50 thoughts on “Crime Scene

    1. Yeah, probably death by rubbish bin- by someone in “waste-management” 😉 If it is a prank though, you think they would have drawn the chalk outline somewhere more prominent than up against a wall/bin….

    2. See the ending of “One Night At McCool’s”. It would look different than the chalk drawing. In a funny way of course.

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this truly happened. The boardwalk here in Dublin along the Liffey is notorious for junkies and drug-dealers to hang out. Which is a pity as it adds nicely to the city. The photos are great. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    1. Cheers for that. Yeah, it can be a pretty dodgy city alright- had plenty of “run-ins” with the local skangers, knackers & junkies….Those boardwalks had only just been put up prior to taking this…

  2. Hey, thanks for this. I can see what my next chalk driveway post is going to be. I write messages in chalk on my driveway to try to connect with my neighbors. Time for a shakeup.

  3. My dad can remember when Ireland was sort of a dangerous place, due to increased IRA activity in the ’60s and ’70s. This just looks like somebody playing life-szed Clue though.

  4. It’s a statement saying we are killing the planet and leading to our own destruction by continuing to dump massive amounts of waste. =)

  5. Nice shots. I was wondering if they were trying to say death by trash can. Weird place to make it as Art. The chalk would probably not remain if it was real. Artists are funny though, you never know what their idea was behind that.

  6. Hopefully I don’t sound to hope-crushing. But most likely a hoax. Crime Scene Investigators/Homicide Detectives and all that wouldn’t use chalk, it would contaminate the evidence of the scene.
    But it does make for dramatic TV, and in this case, good pictures. Kodos!

  7. Could the working conditions be that bad at Alphonsus Grogan and co. that he jumped clear across the road from the second story window and splatted just there? Hmmm? Love a good mystery. I have an alibi. Do you? What fun. Great find.

  8. I took it more as the killer outlined the deceased after killing him. Then placing the litter bin there, to say that whoever was killed was littering society with his toxic ways. This is a classic case of one bada** vigilante, cleaning up the streets. Maybe it was even batman, how cool would that have been. Either way whoever did it was looking out for their city, their home.

  9. Prank. Looks like something a photographer would do. It’s not the work of a police agency. The so called chalk marks are too wide and it’s missing other markings that would normally be there. Nice try.

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