Wellington, NZ, October 2010: Another image submitted for Canon EOS Photo 5 competition. Inspired by Sound:  Brief 5 This brief is about your creative interpretation of a sound. The task is to listen to the sound bite at the link below, and create a photo inspired by it – using any technique you want.  ‘Inspired […]

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Silver Bullet

Wellington, October 2010: This is the photo I have entered into brief 3 of the Canon EOS Photo 5 competition.  Image was made with a combination of my old toy cap-gun, backlight flash, incense, a fake bullet hanging from the ceiling, photoshop and a helluva lot of time and patience… Black and White:   Brief 3 […]

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Kingdom Gone

Wellington, NZ, Oct 7th, 2010: More images from the doomed site of the proposed bibilic epic about Jesus’ early years- “Kingdom Come”.   Although the set was out-of-bounds and supposedly monitored by a security firm, we were obviously far from the first non-official visitors. There was a lot damage to the polystyrene walls and pillars- not […]

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On the set of “Kingdom Come”

Wellington, NZ, 7th Oct 2010: Canon EOS 30D/Pentacon 50mm 1.8/ Photoshop CS3 panoramic stitch of 10 images: In 2008 media releases about a proposed film about Jesus’ early years started to filter out. Work later started in Wellington on a set for old Jerusalem, whilst locations for other parts of ancient Israel were being built […]

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Vampire Grove

Vampire Gr, No Exit, New Zealand, 2010: Yeah,  there really is a street called “Vampire Grove”  in NZ… Thankfully its probably named after the Vampire aircraft that used to based at the nearby Air-force Aerodrome      Canon EOS 30D/Pentacon Auto 50 1.8

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