Ex Education

Erskine College, Wellington, NZ, Oct 2011:  The Convent of the Sacred Heart- or Sacré Coeur- was a Catholic girls boarding school built in 1905/06.     From the late 60’s it was known as Erskine College– until it’s fateful closure in 1985.Today only the main building and chapel are in good order. My mother went to school here, as well as all three of my aunts.The outlying buildings and grounds are in a major state of decline.The interiors are even worse.Peter Jackson filmed some of his 1996 horror/comedy The Frighteners here.Now I know why… 

3 thoughts on “Ex Education

  1. Nice shots Fergus. The Learning Connexion Art School used to be there before moving to Taita, perhaps they left because the building is haunted. But the other side of the building – chapel and function rooms are in great shape, I shot my last two weddings of last summer there.

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