Lake Alice

Lake Alice, Rangitikei, NZ, Nov 2011:  Lake Alice Hospital was a notorious rural psychiatric facility that operated from 1950 up untill it’s closure in the late 1990’s…

It was self-sufficient with its own farm, bakery, glass houses and vegetable gardens . It could accomodate up to 900 people in various buildings spread over it’s 56 hectares, including a maximum security unit.

Former patients of the hospital made allegations of extreme abuse here during the 1970’s, including paraldehyde injections, electroconvulsive therapy and sexual abuse.

In 2001 the New Zealand government paid out a total of 10.7 (NZD) million dollars in compensation to 183 former patients and issued a written apology.

Many of the buildings have been demolished and access is denied as the land is now privately owned.

I aim to get access to the remains of the facility at some stage, one way or another…

There are rumours of developing the former water tower into accommodation, a padded room with a view perhaps…

For further reading check out the official Lake Alice website.    Canon EOS 30D/18-55is

5 thoughts on “Lake Alice

  1. Very, very interesting post. And I love how you brought the history of this institution alive through these great shots and your well chosen accompanying words. You should really try and get in there!

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