Tip Top

Newtown, Wellington, NZ, March 2012: This is the abandoned Tip Top bread factory in Newtown. I’m unable to confirm the date of its closure- but it must be a few years at the very least, going by it’s current state… The interior is fairly well locked up- the exterior and grounds a popular canvas with local graffiti artists…


3 thoughts on “Tip Top

  1. Nice to see someone finally got in here (parts of)!! Tonnes of tags all over it I see. This one has been on our to do list for years, but Erskine came up instead, pity it’s left to rot even though it has plenty of local history guess it will go down down down to the ground now 😦

  2. My late father, worked here ( sales manager) for 45 years, retired in around 1979. I have many happy memories of this factory and am saddened to see it now another direlect building that is soon to be pulled down for another retirement village.

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