Opunake, Taranaki, New Zealand, Dec 2011:  I was taking a “tiki-tour” down the coast road- Surf Highway 45– the other day from New Plymouth to Hawera.  There’s many interesting sites, many of these being abandoned buildings…  I’m unsure what this particular building used to be,  it looked like a funeral parlour to me.  But my […]

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Ghost Town

Kayaköy, Turkey, Oct 2005:  This was my second visit to Kayaköy, the ghost town near Fetiye in South Western Turkey.  Kayaköy is built on the ancient Greek village of Carmylessus and existed up until the population exchanges of 1922/3. Anatolian Greeks had lived here since antiquity… After the invading Greek’s defeat to Turkey in the […]

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Lake Alice

Lake Alice, Rangitikei, NZ, Nov 2011:  Lake Alice Hospital was a notorious rural psychiatric facility that operated from 1950 up untill it’s closure in the late 1990’s… It was self-sufficient with its own farm, bakery, glass houses and vegetable gardens . It could accomodate up to 900 people in various buildings spread over it’s 56 […]

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Ex Education

Erskine College, Wellington, NZ, Oct 2011:  The Convent of the Sacred Heart- or Sacré Coeur- was a Catholic girls boarding school built in 1905/06.     From the late 60’s it was known as Erskine College– until it’s fateful closure in 1985.Today only the main building and chapel are in good order. My mother went […]

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